About us

How would you like it to have your wedding dress not only designed for you, but also inspired by you? For Lito this is an absolute must when designing your wedding dress.

Every bride has her own love story, her own personality, body type, style and uniqueness and that should reflect on her wedding dress. Pair this with haute couture, hand you have the wedding dress of your dreams that will look and feel good!

Lito considers meeting every bride and developing a bond with her a priceless and relaxed atmosphere in her atelier, Lito will make you and your “crew” feel like home. Well, if home was an atelier full of bespoke bridal gowns!

Getting to know every bride fuels her creativity and passion for designing a bridal gown of high standards and for high expectations. You can definitely expect your wishes to be heard, honest advice whenever needed and friendly support all along the way up until your big day.

Elegant or romantic, modern or minimalistic, vintage or bohemian, whatever your style is Lito will bring it to life as a wearable, one of a kind artwork and will customize it so it suits your vision to perfection.

Lito’s love for flattering, luxurious fabrics can be seen in all her work. Her nothing-less-than-perfect attitude means that every wedding dress with her signature has the finest imported laces, satins and silks, delicate beadwork and hand stitched detailing.

So, are you ready to bring the wedding dress of your dreams to life?